Terms and conditions for the use of the Norway Brand for Norway as a tourism destination

The Norway Brand
The Norway Brand consists of two parts. Firstly, the Brand Platform which is the story about Norway as a tourist destination. This is about the content of the brand (values, unique selling points, brand promise etc.). Secondly, the Brand Identity which is how the Norway Brand is visually presented. This is about the form of the Norway Brand (logos, fonts, layout etc.)

Use of the Norway Brand
The Norway Brand shall only be used in product development, marketing and sale of Norway as a tourism destination, or to create interest in, and build the reputation of Norway as a tourism destination.

How to use the Norway Brand
The Norway Brand shall be used in accordance to the Brand Platform and the Identity Manual. No elements/logo can be edited or used in a different way than in accordance with the Brand Platform and the Identity Manual.

The person who download or use any of the content of the Norway Brand is responsible for ensuring that it is used in accordance with the requirements of the Norway Brand.

For photo and video separate terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the Innovation Norway photo and film bank.

Approval of usage:
All use of any part of the Norway Brand is to be approved by Innovation Norway before use and must be  sent to profil@visitnorway.com for approval.

Innovation Norway shall be free to revoke right of use or exclude the user from future use of the Brand Norway.

Infringement of the Norway Brand:
Use of the Norway Brand which is not in compliance with the Brand Platform and/or Identity Manual may lead to legal actions.

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